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The school

At IW-IntoWords we pay close personal attention to each of our students, as we want you to have the best of experiences when in Buenos Aires. Please feel free to get in contact us anytime. We will be very glad to help you.

As part of our policies to keep improving our services, by the end of your course we would like you to complete a Feedback Survey to evaluate the results of your program as well as your experience at IW-IntoWords.

We are open from Monday to Friday. Our group courses are generally scheduled during the morning, yet we have a very wide and flexible schedule.

Cancellations and refunds

Individual lessons: please contact us 24 hours in advance so that we can reschedule your class.

Group courses, once your group course has started we don't refund cancelled lessons.

Absences and delays will not be refunded.

Certificates of Attendance

These will be issued upon request and by the end of your course. If you are interested in continuing your studies in other cities in Argentina or online, please feel free to ask. We have some interesting options.

Academic Credits

You may obtain Academic Credits for your course with us. We are an accredited school through an Argentinean University. Yet, please get in contact with the Study Abroad Department at your home university before leaving your country. We will be happy to send our programs and all other details that your home university might need.


It is the student's responsibility to have all the required documentation to travel abroad as passport, health insurance, visas, etc.

Host families

If you book a home stay with us, please take into account that host families are not hotels. You are supposed to keep music low, alcoholic beverages are not allowed, if you want to invite a friend you need to ask your host family for permission, you need to tell the family if you are going to be late, you are not allowed to use the kitchen freely, and you must not eat whatever you find in the fridge, and you will have to pay if you lose the key or break something.

On the other hand, host families will treat you as a member of the family and will share with you their experiences and knowledge. Host families are not always a married couple with two children but a single person or a retired couple who enjoy the idea of having students around. In all cases, host families are open-minded and eager to help you.


Lessons and home stays must be paid at the start of your course. We accept US dollars and Argentine Pesos. We accept credit card payments through Paypal as well.

Please note: when in Argentina, you might not be able to withdraw a large sum of money from the ATM's. Please take this fact into account before leaving your country.

Your school fees include: material, Placement Test, Certificate of Attendance, and some activities.

Airport pick-up and extra after school activities can also be organized for you. Every week we will let you know about the activities for that week.

IW-IntoWords is not responsible for the supervision of adult students (+18). Students under 18 years of age must have their parents'  consent to attend classes.

IW-IntoWords will be able to take students promotional photos and videos during lessons or activities, but always with the student's consent.