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During National Holidays, the school will remain closed. Yet, the 50% of the time lost because of the holidays will be rescheduled. 

Segundo semestre 2019

8 y 9 de julio:

El 9 de julio es el Día de la Independencia. Estes año, se suma el 8 de julio para formar un fin de semana largo o turístico.


19 de agosto:

El 17 de agosto se conmemora al General José de San Martín. El feriado se traslada al 19 de agosto para formar un fin de semana largo o turístico.


14 de octubre: 

El 12 de octubre es el Día del Respeto a la Diversidad Cultural. El feriado se traslada al 14 de octubre, y el fin de semana es fin de semana largo.


El 18 de noviembre se celebra el Día de la Soberanía Nacional. 


El 8 de diciembre se celebra el Día de la Inmaculada Concepción de la Virgen María.

El 25 de diciembre se celebra Navidad.

By Aaron Hodges

There are so many places to study Spanish in the world, but Buenos Aires was one of the top locations of my list right from the start. Having already completed a couple of weeks in Guatemala, and a three week course in Tulum, Mexico, I had a pretty good idea of what I didn't want. While both those locations were stunning in their own way, I eventually decided they weren't such great places to actually live ―at least not until my Spanish gets a lot better! With most visitors only staying a week and most of the locals speaking only Spanish, an extended stay may become slightly lonely.

So I decided I would need a truly international city to live and study. The three cities that made the top of my list were Barcelona, Spain (because I love the beach and Europe), Santiago, Chile (because I like mountains), and of course, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Having been to each of these cities in the past, I Knew a little about them already, but I was sure to make my research before my final decision. The first thing I was told by multiple people was that Chilean Spanish is quite different and can be difficult to understand even for native Spanish speakers. Whether this is true or not I cannot say just yet (I'll have to visit them when I'm fluent), but the warning was enough for Santiago to take the bottom podium. 

A visit to Barcelona during the summer was also helpful in taking Spain itself off the list. I was unlucky enough to be in Barcelona during the heatwave of 2018. After experiencing temperatures upwards of 40C, I decided the city wasn't for me, although I'd love to visit again in the future!

That left Buenos Aires the default choice ―but of course it also has many positives that made the choice even easier. For starters, the city has a thriving expat community and friendly locals that are quick to invite you to drinks and to share mate (a local drink). With the economy struggling right now the currency is also favorable for overseas visitors, with the average pint costing between 2-3 USD at the bar, cheap accommodation, and great food. Plus the weather is reasonably mild (so far).

And with Argentina stretching from the deserts to the north, the jungles to the east, and the mountains and fiords to the south, there'll be plenty to do on your long weekends or weeks off! I'm even hoping to escape the city for a week on a ski trip sometime in the next month!


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