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Recoleta Cemetery is considered one of the 10 most beautiful cemeteries in the world. It is a true open-air art gallery, and big enough to get lost very easily. But these days visiting it has become easier as the Government of the City of Buenos Aires has launched a new App called Cementerio de la Recoleta.

This App has been developed in Spanish, English and Portuguese. Among its features you can find a map of the cemetery and many different stories about important and rich people that are buried there. You can download the App from your Google Play Store. Easy to use, it does not need WiFi to work. No need to worry, you won't get lost inside the cemetery!

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Recoleta Cemetery is not very far from IW Languages. So why not take the chance to visit it after your Spanish lessons?


First day at the school

Monday morning:

Although lessons at IW start at 9:30am, on your first day you are expected to be at the school at 9am. Why? Because of the Placement Test.

The Placement Test will be held before the start of the lessons. We need to know about your Spanish skills to organize your studies. After the Placement Test, you will meet your teacher and the rest of your class. Classes will start at 9:30am. 

You will have a break around 11:30. Besides taking a rest, you will be offered tea, coffee and small snacks. We will also share relevant information about Buenos Aires: ongoing events, means of transport and so on. 

And a last word: if the Monday you are supposed to start lessons is a national holiday in Argentina, we will start on Tuesday following this First day program.  

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