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Experience Buenos Aires: how to buy a SIM card that works

If you are learning Spanish in Buenos Aires, you might want to stay connected to your family and friends back in your own country as well as to those new friends in the city.

As regards getting in touch with the locals, the first thing you might want to know is that Argentineans are very fond of WhatsApp. So be sure to download the app.

And as regards connectivity, most cafés and restaurants have free WiFi, which you will also find in the subway. Yet, a local SIM card (here called chip) will make things much easier as there are lots of apps to help you explore the city, as for example the one to visit Recoleta Cemetery, or the one to get you around the city. And if you're planning to be in Argentina for a limited time, the ideal chip is a prepaid one. Long postpaid contracts last for at least one year.

There are three local companies you can buy your chip from: Movistar, Personal or Claro. And although the chip can be bought in almost any Kiosco. Yet, ,  you will need to follow several steps to activate your chip, and if you choose to activate it by your own, instructions are in Spanish!  So I think it is better if you go to the offices of the company of your choice.

To buy the chip, remember to take your passport with you, and that your phone needs to be unlocked.