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Tips to save money in Argentina

Argentina: cash or card?


While many stores will accept cards, there are many others that will only accept cash. Also, even if the store accepts cards, you might find a good discount when paying in cash, as is the case of IW Languages, which offers an interesting discount too for payments in cash. USD 100 bills as well as Euros are the ones you will need, so bringing them with you is a very good idea as banks only give cash to Argentineans.


If you prefer not to bring cash with you, your option will be to withdraw money from an ATM. There are two different ATM terminals: Banelco and Link. While Banelco will charge you around 10% per withdrawal, Link will charge you half (5%). Recommended ATMs near the school are marked on the map above.

Paraguay 4301

Avenida Santa Fe 4018

Avenida Santa Fe 3392

Avenida Santa Fe 2877

Avenida Las Heras  2724

Avenida Corrientes 4043

Withdrawals are limited. You might want to withdraw the maximum allowed and thus avoid paying the fee twice.

If on your first attempt the ATM does not work with your card, don't worry. Just try another ATM. Some of them only work with national cards.

Certain banks in Argentina are members of international alliances. You won't be paying fees if your card belongs to said alliances. So check with your bank prior to your trip.

Vocabulary on ATMs

Because not all ATMs have an English menu, we have put together those words you might find necessary:

Cajero Automático: ATM

Introduzca su tarjeta: Insert your card

Inserte su clave: Insert your PIN

Extracción/Adelanto: Withdrawal

Tarjeta de Crédito: Credit Card