IntoWords Spanish School News

This month IW Languages was present at the event Es Tu Día  Study Buenos Aires organizes so that students from every part of the world that come to Buenos Aires can meet and have a great time. It took place at the Campo Argentino de Polo in Palermo. We shared mate, and there was a tango and milonga show among other games.  And students played a game known as Sapo, where you need throw 5 special coins. Each competitor aims at a wooden table with several holes and a toad on its top. It was a lot of fun!

 Children learn Spanish at IW


These last three weeks, a family came to our Spanish school and entrusted us with their three children. They had Spanish lessons one-on-one. Type of course: Spanish immersion and Argentinean culture, with the developing of their conversational Spanish and their understanding of Spanish grammar as a must.


When they first arrived, we started by learning about the children's preferences: Natalie (12) is very interested in environmental issues and animals, Louis (10) is interested in movies and their making as well as in sports; and Tristan (9) loves books and adventures.

As their program was based on one-on-one Spanish lessons, we had the opportunity to focus on each child in particular.


We know that along these three weeks they have learned a lot. We have also learned a lot from them.




El fileteado porteño 

Esta semana, en IW aprendemos acerca de Buenos Aires y su patrimonio cultural:

¿Qué es el fileteado porteño, este arte popular de Buenos Aires que nació a principios del siglo XX?

En el día de ayer, 1 de diciembre de 2015, el fileteado porteño fue declarado por la UNESCO Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial de la Humanidad. 


This week at IW we learn about Buenos Aires and its cultural heritage.


What does fileteado porteno, this popular art from Buenos Aires that was born at the beginning of the Twentieth Century mean?


Yesterday, December 1st 2015, fileteado porteño was declared Cultural Heritage by the Unesco.