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Spanish differences

What's the difference between Spanish and Castilian?

This is something we are asked very often at the school. The answer is very simple: Español & Castellano are the same language!

So then,

What kind of español or castellano do you speak in Argentina?

Spanish is so widely spoken that of course you will find some differences within the countries and the speakers. Yet, it should be said that Spanish speakers can understand each other perfectly well. The variation in Argentina is called voseo.

But what does voseo mean?

Voseo is the use of the pronoun vos instead of tú (informal second person singular), and its special verb conjugation in the Present and the Imperative tenses.

This is what our student Amalia from de US told us:

Teacher: What is it that first attracted you about BA?

Amalia: I wanted to know this city, live and work here. And I've found the perfect job.

Teacher. How did you find Spanish from Argentina?

Amalia: At first, I found it difficult to understand the accent, but once you learn the Spanish from BA you can understand the Spanish from every country where Spanish is spoken. And I love voseo!