Buenos Aires

Keeping active in Buenos Aires

So in-between all that sightseeing, and eating (and Spanish lessons), you might decide you need to sneak in a bit of exercise. Fortunately, there are many gyms throughout the city of Buenos Aires that cater to a wide range of fitness programs, including activities such as yoga, kick boxing, spin, and all your favorites. Always Gym, On Fit and Openclub are some of the larger chains, but you'll find at least one gym a short distance from your place just about anywhere in the city. Or if not, certainly somewhere offering yoga or pilates, which are very popular!

And if you prefer a more sporty form of exercise, football is popular with avery age group. Once you've connected with a few locals or expats, it won't take long to find a group with a weekly football game. A reminder: football is a serious business in Argentina, and it is played to win.

Of course, there are some other sports as well. Martial arts are popular: taekwondo, boxing, taichi and everything else under the sun!

Like everything else, Buenos Aires truly has everything, even bouldering gyms and archery!