María Inés acaba de llegar de E.E.U.U. En esta reseña ella nos cuenta su experiencia: 

"Tuve la oportunidad de viajar a New York con una amiga y decidí tomar algunas clases de inglés y así poder manejarme con el idioma en este viaje en particular. Mi idea no era hacer un curso extenso, sino tomar clases que apunten a poder mantener diálogos y entender todo tipo de situación por la que atraviesa un turista que llega a otro país, y este curso me brindó lo que buscaba y fue de mucha utilidad, lo recomiendo especialmente, ya que el mismo apunta a las necesidades concretas por la que pueden atravesar los turistas en otro país."


¡Gracias, María Inés, por compartir tu experiencia acerca del curso de Inglés para Viajes!

 Children learn Spanish at IW


These last three weeks, a family came to IW and entrusted us with their three children. They had Spanish lessons one-on-one. Type of course: Spanish immersion and Argentinean culture, with the developing of their conversational Spanish and their understanding of Spanish grammar as a must.


When they first arrived, we started by learning about the children's preferences: Natalie (12) is very interested in environmental issues and animals, Louis (10) is interested in movies and their making as well as in sports; and Tristan (9) loves books and adventures.

As their program was based on one-on-one Spanish lessons, we had the opportunity to focus on each child in particular.


We know that along these three weeks they have learned a lot. We have also learned a lot from them.




Why not prepare asado after your Spanish class?


While in Argentina, I'm sure you will want to taste our typical dish: asado. And why not trying to prepare it too?

These are some tips to help you:


1) Start your fire full of energy and cook directly on charcoal. If you need  motivation, think about the satisfaction you will feel when, in the middle of the banquette, you hear "A round applause for  the cook (asador)". 


2) Choose carefully what you are going to cook.


You have decided to prepare an asado for the first time in your life. Take my advice: choose a thin rib, a matambrito pork and a thin flank. For a first time, these are still good even if you cook them more than needed. 


3) I prefer buying the meat at the butcher's, where you can ask what you need in more detail. 


4) To light the fire, you need charcoal, paper, wood and matches. To move the charcoal you need a shovel. And you need a spatula to move the meat over the barbecue.


5) To light the fire effectively, wrinkle the paper and put it over the floor of your parrilla. Put the wood over it and then put a small amount of charcoal over the wood. Then light the paper and when it is lit go on adding charcoal slowly. 


6) Work with each cut of meat separately. 


7) Last but not least: don´t forget the salads and the fries. And the dressings for the meat: chimichurri and salsa criolla. 


Article based on Diario La Nación, May 17th, 2016


Next month, we have a long weekend in Argentina, and many of us in Buenos Aires will leave the city. 

These are some options where you can go:

 Near Buenos Aires:

You can take a train to Tigre and be there in about 50 minutes from Retiro train station. Or you can go on a tour with a tour on catamaran along the Delta, as in the image above.

If you prefer to take a bus and go south of the country, you could visit Bariloche with its lakes and mountains, or Salta and Jujuy with their particular scenery. Or you can even choose Cataratas del Iguazu, the beautiful falls up north in the border with Brazil and Paraguay.

Should you go far from Buenos Aires or remain near, you will always have the opportunity to practice your Spanish.


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