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  • Español en Buenos Aires y la herencia cultural

    El fileteado porteño 

    Esta semana, en IW aprendemos acerca de Buenos Aires y su patrimonio cultural:

    ¿Qué es el fileteado porteño, este arte popular de Buenos Aires que nació a principios del siglo XX?

    En el día de ayer, 1 de diciembre de 2015, el fileteado porteño fue declarado por la UNESCO Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial de la Humanidad. 


    This week at IW we learn about Buenos Aires and its cultural heritage.


    What does fileteado porteno, this popular art from Buenos Aires that was born at the beginning of the Twentieth Century mean?


    Yesterday, December 1st 2015, fileteado porteno was declared Cultural Heritage by the Unesco.






  • IW languages at Es tu día

    This month IW Languages was present at the event Es Tu Día  Study Buenos Aires organizes so that students from every part of the world that come to Buenos Aires can meet and have a great time. It took place at the Campo Argentino de Polo in Palermo. We shared mate, and there was a tango and milonga show among other games.  And students played a game known as Sapo, where you need throw 5 special coins. Each competitor aims at a wooden table with several holes and a toad on its top. It was a lot of fun!

  • Main reason to experience that "mate" beverage

    On November 30th, Argentina celebrates the National Day of the Yerba Mate. 

    More than 500 years ago, native guaraníes were already using these leaves to prepare an energetic beverage. Nowadays, both Argentina and Uruguay love "mate", not only in the countryside but in the cities too. 

    But what can we expect when we are offered a "mate"?

  • Spanish and Argentinean movies

    Spanish and Argentinean movies

    At IW we would like to invite everybody to use different tools when learning languages.

    During our class this Friday we worked with one of the official trailers of the Argentinean movie "Relatos salvajes". Here you can see everybody at work:


  • Spanish for children

     Children learn Spanish at IW


    These last three weeks, a family came to IW and entrusted us with their three children. They had Spanish lessons one-on-one. Type of course: Spanish immersion and Argentinean culture, with the developing of their conversational Spanish and their understanding of Spanish grammar as a must.


    When they first arrived, we started by learning about the children's preferences: Natalie (12) is very interested in environmental issues and animals, Louis (10) is interested in movies and their making as well as in sports; and Tristan (9) loves books and adventures.

    As their program was based on one-on-one Spanish lessons, we had the opportunity to focus on each child in particular.


    We know that along these three weeks they have learned a lot. We have also learned a lot from them.




  • Tango in Buenos Aires

    There are a broad range of activities planned for this August in Buenos Aires, many around tango.

  • The coolest neighborhood in Buenos Aires

    Its 50th anniversary, and The British travel magazine decided to find the 50 best neigborhoods in the world for travelers as well as for locals. With its various art galleries, boutique hotels and a broad variety of restaurants and nightlife, Palermo Soho in Buenos Aires was ranked as one of these neighborhoods. The photo above shows you a street in this quiet and yet vibrant neighborhood.

    Talking about steakhouses, Don Julio Buenos Aires is one of my favorite, rated 6 among the 50 best restaurantes in Latin America. The address: Guatemala with Gurruchaga, quite close to IW Languages.

    Our Spanish vocab tips as regards ordering a steak:

    Puede traerme un bife de chorizo o un ojo de bife con ensalada? / Can I have a strip steak or a ribeye steak and a salad?

    Quisiera mi bife a punto/jugoso/cocido. / I'd like my steak rare/medium/well-done.



  • Top art gallery to visit near IW Languages

    Xul Solar Museum is a museum dedicated exclusively to Alejandro Xul Solar (1887-1963), his work and life. Xul Solar was a painter, sculptor, writer, musician, linguist, inventor and astrologer. He was a friend of Jorge Luis Borges, the great Argentinean writer. With so many interests and such a vast culture, Xul Solar was a multifaceted man.   

    Our tip: whereas the museum is open from Tuesday to Friday from 12am to 8pm, and o Saturdays from 12am to 7pm, we recommend you the guided visit. For a visit in English you can call the museum. And you only need to walk for about ten minutes to get from IW Languages to Xul Solar museum.

    También tienen visitas en español para estudiantes intermedios y avanzados. Visitas en español: martes y jueves a las 16:00, y sábados a las 15:30.

    ¡Pueden practicar lo que aprendieron en la escuela!




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  • Why learn Spanish?

    Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires

    Español, also called Castellano, is is the third language most spoken in the world, widely spoken as a second language, and the official language in 20 countries.