visit argentina; spanish in buenos aires

  • Buenos Aires surroundings: A trip to Tigre

    While Buenos Aires is a wonderful city plenty of fine cafes and restaurants, not to mention parks to wander, many people might feel the need to take a bit of an adventure. And of course take a chance to put some of your lessons at Spanish schoolat test! Well fear not, because just 45 minute train ride from Buenos Aires lies the beautiful river delta ―Tigre. 

    A network of canals and islands dotted with trees, pasture and interesting little houses, Tigre is a must visit for anyone stating for a long period of time, and not so long too. The best part is that it's very easy to reach! Just jump on the train heading to "Tigre" from the Retiro or Belgrano C train stations, and before you know it you'll be jumping off in another world. And this train even uses the same SUBE card as the rest of the city's buses and metro ―it's just a matter of swiping on AND off the train. 

    While many people visit Tigre only for a day...