spanish language

  • Making progress in Spanish learning

    Like anything worthwhile, learning languages is a challenge, and Spanish is no exception. Often times it feels like you're not making progress at all. Each week you learn a few more words, add another tense to your arsenal, make your sentences a little longer, but sometimes it seems you're getting nowhere. But it pays to take stock, because even after just a week or months, you'll be surprised how much you've learned. It might not seem you've progressed much from one day to the next, but when you look back at where you started, you'll realise you've come a long way!

    Take myself for example. I know from past experiences I struggle with language. After 13 months in South America without any tuition, I came away with very little understanding of Spanish. Looking back, that's one of my biggest regrets of the trip! Perhaps that's why I've now returned with a fresh perspective, determined to learn this time.

    I know take regular private classes of 1.5 hours every day, and I am happy to say after two months it is showing. After my first week, I was generally able to communicate my orders to restaurant staff, and after  a month I began to enjoy