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IW Languages teaches Spanish to travelers

IW Languages dicta cursos de Inglés para Viajes.

First day at the school

Monday morning:

Although lessons at IW start at 9:30am, on your first day you are expected to be at the school at 9am. Why? Because of the Placement Test.

The Placement Test will be held before the start of the lessons. We need to know about your Spanish skills to organize your studies. After the Placement Test, you will meet your teacher and the rest of your class. Classes will start at 9:30am. 

You will have a break around 11:30. Besides taking a rest, you will be offered tea, coffee and small snacks. We will also share relevant information about Buenos Aires: ongoing events, means of transport and so on. 

Spanish and Argentinean movies

At IW we would like to invite everybody to use different tools when learning languages.

During our class this Friday we worked with one of the official trailers of the Argentinean movie "Relatos salvajes". Here you can see everybody at work:


Bikes in Buenos Aires

Do you like to exercise?

 Foto: Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires


Did you know that, as in many other cities in the world, in Buenos Aires you can use the Public Bicycle Sharing System? 

There are bike stations all over the city, there's one very near IW Language School, in Plaza Güemes.

Here you will find a map with all the stations. You only need to type Plaza Güemes to see the one nearest to us.

And there's a new App available too.