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Alejandra D'Atri
Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Why not prepare asado after your Spanish class?


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While in Argentina, I'm sure you will want to taste our typical dish: asado. And why not trying to prepare it too?

These are some tips to help you:


1) Start your fire full of energy and cook directly on charcoal. If you need  motivation, think about the satisfaction you will feel when, in the middle of the banquette, you hear "A round applause for  the cook (asador)". 


2) Choose carefully what you are going to cook.


You have decided to prepare an asado for the first time in your life. Take my advice: choose a thin rib, a matambrito pork and a thin flank. For a first time, these are still good even if you cook them more than needed. 


3) I prefer buying the meat at the butcher's, where you can ask what you need in more detail. 


4) To light the fire, you need charcoal, paper, wood and matches. To move the charcoal you need a shovel. And you need a spatula to move the meat over the barbecue.


5) To light the fire effectively, wrinkle the paper and put it over the floor of your parrilla. Put the wood over it and then put a small amount of charcoal over the wood. Then light the paper and when it is lit go on adding charcoal slowly. 


6) Work with each cut of meat separately. 


7) Last but not least: don´t forget the salads and the fries. And the dressings for the meat: chimichurri and salsa criolla. 


Article based on Diario La Nación, May 17th, 2016
Alejandra D'Atri
Friday, 26 February 2016



El próximo mes, tenemos un fin de semana largo de cuatro días. Muchas personas dejarán Buenos Aires para descansar.

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